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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a few of the frequently asked questions about our products and their materials. If you do not see something here that answers your question please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-368-8311 and our friendly sales representatives can answer your questions.

What is a roll ticket?

custom roll ticket
A typical roll ticket is a 1x2" numbered piece of paper attached to other similar pieces of paper rolled up onto a cardboard core. Tickets are usually sequentially numbered within the roll and may contain a graphic either in black or colored print on white or colored paper stocks. Roll tickets have been used in everything from carnivals to large film events, and are a great way to distribute vouchers, admissions, or food credits.

Standard roll ticket sizes

Roll tickets come in a variet of shapes and sizes. While it would be almost impossible to list them all (and it would take your computer a very long time to load this page) there are a few standard sizes that most companies offer.
roll ticket sizes
Standard tickets measure 1x2" and are numbered on both ends. Redemption tickets are slightly larger at 1.1875x2" but are numbered on only one end. Coupon tickets are perforated down the middle to make a two part ticket with two sets of matching numbers on one end. Billboard tickets are a square 2x2" ticket with more room for artwork or logos with a serial number at the top. Marquee tickets are two billboard tickets attached side by side with matching serial numbers at the top.

What are Strip Tickets?

strip ticket printer
Strip tickets are similar to roll tickets. Instead of rolled up on a cardboard core, strip tickets are packaged in strips of 5 either loose or booked. Numbering is typically sequential along the strip and throughout the stack. They can be printed in full color on bright white stock or black print on bright colored stocks.

What are Sheet Tickets?

sheet ticket printer
Sheet tickets are similiar to standard roll tickets in size (1x2") but consist of multiple tickets on a "sheet." Tickets are usually numbered sequentially on the sheet throughout the stack (ex. "sheet 1" would have tickets 1-20 on a sheet of 20 with 50 sheets to a stack).

Paper Stocks

Custom Strip Tickets, sheet tickets, valet tickets, coat checktickets and most other printed products are produced on various paper stocks. The two most common are colored and white.
colored paper stock
Colored Paper Stock is typically 65lb. paperweight and similar to the reply card found in magazines for subscription renewals. Colored paper stock has bright colors which show off black print particularly well but colored print may be difficult to read.

White Paper Stock is offerend in several different weights and finishes. We offer 80lb. coated cover stock, 100lb. cover stock, and 65lb. bright white card stock (again similar to magazine reply cards).

Paper Weight

Paper comes in various weights and sizes. Below is a reference chart you can use to convert various paper weight measurements from one form to another.


The values in the table below are intended to serve as a guide only. They should not be used as specifications because there are variances within the same basis weight due to other characteristics of the papers. Similar weight papers may vary between different paper manufacturers.

(grams/sq meter)
16 40 22 37 33 3.2 .0032 .081 60.2 gsm
18 45 24 41 37 3.6 .0036 .092 67.72 gsm
20 50 28 46 42 3.8 .0038 .097 75.2 gsm
24 60 33 56 50 4.8 .0048 .12 90.3 gsm
28 70 39 64 58 5.8 .0058 .147 105.35 gsm
29 73 40 62 60 6 .0060 .152 109.11 gsm
31 81 45 73 66 6.1 .0061 .155 116.63 gsm
35 90 48 80 74 6.2 .0062 .157 131.68 gsm
36 90 50 82 75 6.8 .0068 .173 135.45 gsm
39 100 54 90 81 7.2 .0072 .183 146.73 gsm
40 100 56 93 83 7.3 .0073 .185 150.5 gsm
43 110 60 100 90 7.4 .0074 .188 161.78 gsm
44 110 61 102 92 7.6 .0076 .193 165.55 gsm
47 120 65 108 97 9 .0078 .198 176.83 gsm
53 135 74 122 110 9 .0085 .216 199.41 gsm
54 137 75 125 113 9 .009 .229 203.17 gsm
58 146 80 134 120 9.5 .0092 .234 218.22 gsm
65 165 90 150 135 10 .0095 .241 244.56 gsm
67 170 93 156 140 10.5 .010 .25 252.08 gsm
72 183 100 166 150 11 .011 .289 270.9 gsm
76 192 105 175 158 13 .013 .33 285.95 gsm
82 208 114 189 170 14 .014 .356 308.52 gsm
87 220 120 200 180 15 .015 .38 312 gsm
105 267 146 244 220 18 .0175 .445 385.06 gsm

(Boxes highlighted in yellow represent the most common paper weights for that category)

paper weight chart pdf download   Dowload a pdf version of this paper weight chart

What are Coat Check Tickets?

coat check tickets
Coat Check Tickets are typically 2 or 3 part tickets with matching numbers on both or all pieces, have a hole at the top to attach to a coat hanger, and perforations for easy separation. They are used in coat check rooms for the easy tracking and organization of a large amount of guest coats. The top portion of the ticket is attached to the coat hanger and the bottom portion (usually containing the disclaimer, ticket number and company or venue logo) is given to the guest. The bottom portion is later turned back into the coat check room so their coat can be retrieved at the end of their visit.

What are Booked/Padded Tickets?

booked tickets
Padded (or booked) tickets are held together by a strong but flexible padding compount similar to Elmer's Glue. Tickets are usually grouped together in amounts ranging from 100 to 1000 and glued along one side. This allows the stack to stay together for easy transport and allows for quick distribution of tickets.

What are Barcodes?

Us-Ticket is able to print all widely used variations of 1D and 2D barcodes. 1D or 1 dimensional barcodes are recognized easily by their vertical of lines. Scanning any cross section of the full width allows for easy reading of these barcodes. They are able to encode letters, numbers and various special characters depending on the type of code. Most ticketing systems tend to use Code 39 (also known as barcode 3 of 9) or Code128. If you are unsure send us a picture or scan and we can help identify.
2D or 2 Dimensional barcodes encode data using complex patterns organized on both a vertical and horizontal axis. These are typically recognized by their tiny square or rectangle shapes organized in strange patterns.The most common 2D barcodes are QR codes, PDF 417, AZTEC and datamatrix.
Whatever your barcode printing needs are, we can help. We have years of experience encoding and printing variable data to barcodes for a wide varitey of uses and industries.

What are QR Codes?

qr codes
The Quick Response Code (known more commonly as a QR Code) is a type of two-dimensional matrix barcode originally designed for the auto industry in Japan. It has become popular in other industries over the past years as an easy way of storing large amounts of information which can be quickly read by any modern smart phone with a camera and a free QR scanning application.

How it works:
QR Codes differ from regular barcodes in that they require a device with a camera rather than a narrow beam of light. The "scanning" device takes a picture of the image and then analyzes different points within the code to determine its orientation, how much and what type of data are in the image and any error correction that needs to be done due to the image being damaged (a certain portion of a QR code can be missing or damaged and still scan properly, making them fairly resilent).

wikipedia qr code explanation

(Image Source: Wikipedia Commons)

Once scanned the QR code can provide various information including numbers, websites and short text messages. Various companies use QR codes on their valet tickets as a way to easily allow their customer to alert valet attendants that their car has been requested for pickup. Simply scan the ticket with your phone and it will open a text message to the correct phone number with your valet ticket number. Press "send" and the valet company will retrieve your car in a timely manner. (Please note that the methods of each valet company may differ as will your experiences with them.)

What are String Tags?

us ticket string tags
String tags are flexable pieces of nylon strung through a .25" hole and knotted at one end. They are most commonly found on luggage and baggage claims, certain coat check tickets or item checks. They can be made in a variety of different lengths and colors.

What are Reinforced holes?

Us-Ticket has a number of product offerings that include punched holes for strings, coat hangers, key rings and other uses that require a ticket to be attached to another item. Sometimes it is necessary or beneficialto reinforce the hole punch area with a thin plastic film. The added integrity prevents tear-out of the hole. The reinforcment film is a clear mylar plastic that is only about .001” (1 mil). Call or email us to findout more about reinforced ticket holes.

What are Window Cling Decals?

us ticket window cling decals
Window cling decals are printed on bright pearlescent background and affix to the window of your car with a static cling, allowing them to be removed and repositioned on the same or different cars. Each full-color polyester decal is printed on UV stable, 2 layer high temp material that will resist fading for up to three years on a windshield. Variable numbers and barcodes/qr codes can be added to suit your parking operation. To apply the decal, simply peal it away from the backing and press firmly against the windshield, smoothing out any bubbles that appear.

What are Keytags?

us ticket keytags
Keytag parking permits are printed on teslin stock and then laminated to provide a 30mil thickness tag with a hole that can be used to attach them to a keyring. They are usually numbered and/or barcoded with the correct parking space or valet number and provide long-term parking for frequent customers or staff. Keytags are tear, scratch and separation resistant and can survive a few runs through the laundry or spills from various non-corrosive liquids. Sequential numbering, barcodes and qr codes are available to help you track your keytags as they move to and from your facility.

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