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Custom Strip & Sheet Tickets

custom sheet tickets and custom strip tickets

Strip and sheet tickets are a great colorful and cost effective alternative to roll tickets. These tickets allow for easier and faster distribution of tickets to your guests and offer a wider range of customization options, printing options and paper stocks.

Customization Options

Most of the custom stip and sheet tickets we produce are 1" by 2" or 2" by 2". They are the same size as normal roll tickets and are arranged on a sheet/strip in different formats. Our printing and production process allows us to produce tickets of any size with very flexible numbering and design.

sheet tickets strip tickets
Sheet Tickets can be formatted in a variety of different ways on a sheet

We offer a wide variety of paper stocks and colors to create the end product you need. Many jobs use several different colors of paper to differentiate between ticket denominations and/or events. Each ticket is separated by an easy to tear perforation and numbered to your specifications with your choice of fonts and logos on the front. Finishing options such as booking/padding, custom packaging and more are available.

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