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Standard Products

custom roll ticket

A typical roll of tickets is a strip of paper numbered and perforated at regular intervals for easy separation and rolled up onto a cardboard core. Tickets are usually sequentially numbered within the roll and may contain a graphic either in black or colored print on white or colored paper stocks.

Roll tickets can be used in everything from carnivals to large film events, and are a great way to distribute vouchers, admissions, or food credits.

roll ticket sizes

Roll tickets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While it would be almost impossible to list them all, (and it would take your computer a very long time to load this page) there are a few standard sizes that most companies offer.

Standard tickets measure 1x2". Coupon tickets are perforated down the middle to make a 2-part ticket with two sets of matching numbers. Billboard tickets are a square 2x2" ticket with more room for artwork or logos. Marquee tickets are two billboard tickets with matching serial numbers and are perforated down the middle. Our 2x3" and 2x4" sizes are great for events like high school athletics, as they have an optional stub that vendors can use for admission tracking.

Custom Ticket Sizes

We are also able to accommodate a wide range of custom size roll-tickets. Additional perforations can also be added for extra stubs or sections. Talk to our sales staff about additional options and minimums.

strip ticket printer

Strip tickets are similar to roll tickets but instead of rolled up on a cardboard core, strip tickets are packaged in strips of 5 either loose or booked. Numbering is typically sequential along the strip and throughout the stack. They can be printed in full-color on bright white stock or in black print on bright colored stocks.

sheet ticket printer

Sheet tickets is simply a term for multiple tickets grouped on one sheet. We have many standard sizes available that are designed to compliment and work like roll tickets. We are also capable of producing custom sizes and configurations for special events like season sports tickets, concert tickets and event tickets. Sheet tickets offer us the widest flexibility in customizing, adding features, and event security.

coat check tickets

Coat Check Tickets are typically 2 or 3-part tickets with matching numbers on all pieces. They have a hole at the top to attach to a coat hanger and perforations for easy separation. They are used in coat check rooms for the easy tracking and organization of a large number of guest coats. The top portion of the ticket is attached to the coat hanger and the bottom portion (usually containing the disclaimer, ticket number, and company or venue logo) is given to the guest. The bottom portion is later turned back into the coat check room so their coat can be retrieved at the end of their visit.

us ticket string tags

String tags are flexible pieces of nylon strung through a .25" hole and knotted at one end. They are most commonly found on luggage and baggage claims, certain coat check tickets or item checks. They can be made in a variety of different lengths and colors.

us ticket window cling decals

Window cling decals are printed on bright pearlescent background and designed to affix to the window of your car with a static cling, allowing them to be removed and repositioned on the same or different cars. Each full-color polyester decal is printed on a UV stable, 2-layer high temp material that will resist fading for up to three years on a windshield. Variable numbers and barcodes/QR codes can be added to suit your parking operation. To apply the decal, simply peel it away from the backing and press firmly against the windshield, smoothing out any bubbles that appear.

us ticket keytags

Keytag parking permits are printed on Teslin stock and then laminated to provide a 30mil thickness tag with a hole that can be used to attach them to a keyring. They are usually numbered and/or barcoded with the correct parking space or valet number and provide long-term parking for frequent customers or staff. Keytags are tear, scratch and separation-resistant and can survive a few runs through the laundry or spills from various non-corrosive liquids. Sequential numbering, barcodes and QR codes are available to help you track your keytags as they move to and from your facility.

Products Options

colored paper stock

All of our printed products are produced on various paper stocks. The two most common are colored and white.

Colored Paper Stock

Colored Paper Stock is typically 65lb. paperweight and similar to the reply card found in magazines for subscription renewals. Colored paper stock has bright colors which show off black print particularly well but colored print may be difficult to read.

White Paper Stock

White Paper Stock is offered in several different weights and finishes. We offer 80lb. coated cover stock, 100lb. cover stock, and 65lb. bright white cardstock (again similar to magazine reply cards).

paper weight table

Paper comes in various weights and sizes. Above is a reference chart you can use to convert various paper weight measurements from one form to another.

paper weight chart pdf download   Dowload a pdf version of this paper weight chart

Create tickets that really pop! We have the unique ability to add black light and UV sensitive color to many of our ticket products. Our bright neon yellow and pink colors are great for creating fun aesthetic designs as well as ensuring authenticity and acting as an easily visible security feature. These features and relative low cost make them a great option for a wide range of venues and events such as bowling alleys, nightclubs, concerts, laser tag, theme parks, and more.

Spot colors are exciting extra effects that can be added to your project that can provide more depth and range of color as well as extra security and make your custom products more difficult to reproduce. These features can be achieved by adding one or two additional colors to key locations on the project. Spot colors are great for logos, company icons, security labels, patterns, or just to add a wild splash of color.

Sequential and Range Numbering

Classic Ticket Numbering. Incrementing or decrementing by 1 every piece or in set multiples. Tickets can be in sheets, rolls , or booked. Numbering can be up, down, across, throughout...You name it!

Spreadsheet Numbering

We are also able to integrate customer supplied spreadsheet data into our printed products for more flexibility. This can be especially useful with incorporating multiple data fields into a single product.

Database Tables

Similar to spreadsheet numbering, we are able to harness data from SQL-style database tables. Much of our programmed and generated game products use this method for careful organization and validation of defined outcomes.

Special Fonts, Sizes, Colors

Almost all of our products allow us full flexibility to print and number with specially requested fonts. Sometimes even the ticket number is part of the brand!

Reinforced Holes

1D or 1-dimensional Barcodes

US-Ticket is able to print all widely used variations of 1D and 2D barcodes. 1D or 1-dimensional barcodes are recognized easily by their vertical of lines. Scanning any cross-section of the full width allows for easy reading of these barcodes. We are able to encode letters, numbers and various special characters depending on the type of code. Most ticketing systems tend to use Code 39 (also known as barcode 3 of 9) or Code128. If you are unsure, send us a picture or scan and we can help identify.

2D or 2 Dimensional Barcodes

2D or 2 Dimensional barcodes encode data using complex patterns organized on both a vertical and horizontal axis. These are typically recognized by their tiny square or rectangle shapes organized in strange patterns. The most common 2D barcodes are QR codes, PDF 417, AZTEC and datamatrix.

Whatever your barcode printing needs are, we can help. We have years of experience encoding and printing variable data for a wide variety of uses and industries.

qr codes

The Quick Response Code (known more commonly as a QR Code) is a type of two-dimensional matrix barcode originally designed for the auto industry in Japan. It has become popular in other industries over the past years as an easy way of storing large amounts of information which can be quickly read by any modern smartphone with a camera and a free QR scanning application.

How it works:

QR Codes differ from regular barcodes in that they require a device with a camera rather than a narrow beam of light. The "scanning" device takes a picture of the image and then analyzes different points within the code to determine its orientation, how much and what type of data is in the image, and any error correction that needs to be done due to the image being damaged (a certain portion of a QR code can be missing or damaged and still scan properly, making them fairly resilient).

wikipedia qr code explanation

(Image Source: Wikipedia Commons)

Once scanned, the QR code can provide various information including numbers, websites, and short text messages. Various companies use QR codes on their valet tickets as a way to easily allow their customer to alert valet attendants that their car has been requested for pickup. Simply scan the ticket with your phone and it will open a text message to the correct phone number with your valet ticket number. Press "send" and the valet company will retrieve your car in a timely manner. (Please note that the methods of each valet company may differ as well your experiences with them.)

Our flexibility in digitally printed tickets allows us unlimited flexibility in printed output pieces. While most ticket applications require nothing more than simple sequential ticket numbering, we are capable of much more for special applications. From basic roll ticket numbering to complex database driven game piece graphics, we are the name in Data-to-Print solutions.

Variable image printing

Most people associate variable data printing with numbers and text. Variable data printing can also be used to manipulate images and graphic features. This may be something as simple as a background color that changes between ticket sets or it may be an entire advertisement that rotates from ticket to ticket. There is wide range of applications where this can prove extremely valuable.

Custom Game Printing

We are also masters of programming special games and associating printed pieces. Using probability and odds or fixed outcome programming, we are able to print game pieces with specific results. The lottery is an obvious example of where this is already done. "Instant win" tickets maintain a proportion of winning vs losing tickets that is set by the game creators. We are able to ensure these kinds of features and print desired outcomes! We have worked with a wide range of customers in this regard: casinos, sports venues, festivals, TV, radio & newspapers.


Reinforced Holes

US-Ticket has a number of products that include punched holes for strings, coat hangers, key rings and other uses that require a ticket to be attached to another item. Sometimes it is necessary or beneficial to reinforce the hole punch area with a thin plastic film. The added integrity prevents tear-out of the hole. The reinforcement film is a clear mylar plastic that is only about .001” (1 mil). Call or email us to find out more about reinforced ticket holes.

coat check tickets

Padded (or booked) tickets are held together by a strong but flexible padding compound similar to Elmer's Glue. Tickets are usually grouped together in amounts ranging from 100 to 1000 and glued along one side. This allows the stack to stay together for easy transport and allows for quick distribution of tickets.


Perforating a printed ticket can create an easy-to-remove admission, coupon, or stub for any project. Our skilled production team and variety of perforating blades will give your project the flexibility it needs to be perfect.


Laminating is a great way to add thickness and increase the durability of printed products. This easy-to-add option works with both paper and plastic printed materials. Laminating adds substantial integrity and helps prevent rips, smudges and tears from happening to your project. It also helps with preserving color and moisture resistance.


Die cutting allows printed products to be cut with special contours and shapes. Traditional rectangular shaped tickets are cut easily with straight blade guillotine cutters or trimmers. When products include complex curves, cut-outs or intersecting perforations, a custom die is often the best solution to achieve the desired product. We have a variety of different methods to die cut and offer solutions with all our printed materials. Custom dies are available quickly; usually within 2-3 days. Die cutting is a common method of producing hanging parking tickets, event badges, stickers and much more.

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