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Premium Queen Of Hearts Single Part Roll Ticket

Premium Queen Of Hearts Single Part Roll Ticket


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Roll of 1000

Price: $12.95

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Product Specifications:

  • 2" x 2" ticket dimensions / 8pt tag stock
  • 1,000 Sequentially Numbered Tickets Per Roll
  • Includes backside details box: Name, Phone, Card#
  • 4 Colors Available
  • Fully Customizable!

How the Queen of Heart Raffle Typically Works:

A game board of 54 cards will be displayed with the backs turned to the room. The Queen of Hearts is the jackpot card. Upon purchasing a ticket, participants choose a card number, write first and last names, and your phone number on your ticket. The tickets are placed into a raffle drum or secure location until the time of the drawing. During the drawing, one ticket is pulled from the raffle drum. The number written on this ticket determines the card number to be opened. If the card drawn is the Queen of Hearts, the winner, if present, receives 50% of the jackpot. If a Joker card is drawn, winner receives a smaller cash prize. If an ace or a face card is drawn, the winner also receives a small percentage prize. The pot will grow each week as long as no Queen of Hearts is drawn. If a ticket is pulled and it has a number that has already been taken, the ticket will be thrown out and there will be an automatic rollover. No award money will be distributed. Many Queen of Hearts Raffles are played with a variety of different rules. This is only a brief overview of typical rules.
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