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Chinese Auction Ticket 25 per sheet

Chinese Auction Ticket 25 per sheet

Item Number:  SCA-25-1

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250 Sheets

Price: $17.95

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Chinese Auction Ticket 25 tickets per sheet - LargeChinese Auction Ticket 25 tickets per sheet - OrangeChinese Auction Ticket 25 tickets per sheet - Red


These Chinese Auction Tickets feature 25 bidding tickets, 1 door prize ticket and a large stub for the bidder to hold onto. Our tickets feature the largest, boldest easy to read numbers for maximum visibility. Printed on sturdy 9pt cardstock these tickets feature easy fold-once and tear perforations between all ticket sections. Available in several bright paper stocks and ready to ship! We also offer limitless custom options for your special event!

What are Chinese Auction Tickets?

Chinese Auction Tickets are a fun and popular twist to your typical auction event. Typically in a Chinese auction all the items are placed on tables accompanied by a jar or bowl. Bidders are free to browse the items and decide what they like best and what they want to bid on. Bidders either purchase or are given a sheet of tickets and they are allowed to bid single, multiple tickets, or even all of them on the item or items they are interested in. Adding more tickets to a single item's jar increases their chance of winning that particular item. These are great for fundraisers, company parties, trade shows and promotional events. Chinese auction tickets are also known by other names such as:
  • Chinese Raffle Tickets
  • Chinese Auction Tickets
  • Penny Auction Tickets
  • Tricky Tray Tickets
  • Silent Auction Tickets
  • Penny Social
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